PGCon2018 - 2.5

PGCon 2018
The PostgreSQL Conference

Thomas Munro
Day Talks - Day 1: Thursday - 2018-05-31
Room DMS 1120
Start time 11:15
Duration 00:45
ID 1234
Track Hacking
Language used for presentation English

Continuous Integration for Commitfests

Testing everything, all the time

PostgreSQL has a huge number of patches flying around at all times and a fast moving master branch. How can we streamline our handling of all this code? I decided to try to test all the patches automatically all the time. This talk is about that experience, results so far and future plans.

The talk will cover:

  • introduction to some CI resources free to open source projects
  • overview of the current prototype
  • problems encountered along the way
  • success stories and anecdata
  • plans to extend to other operating systems and build options
  • plans to merge it into the Commitfest app
  • other ideas for testing