PGCon2018 - 2.5

PGCon 2018
The PostgreSQL Conference

Konstantin Evteev

DBA Team Leader at Avito (

Konstantin's career with PostgreSQL (PostgreSQL 7.4) began at the Tula branch office "Research Institute of Reprography" ( in position of Senior Programming Specialist in 2009. In 2013 Konstantin joined the Ingate team in position: The developer of the department of system architecture, Database specialist - to migrate the existing projects from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL, set up database backup, provide fault tolerance, and as a DBA specialist to maintain projects working on Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2 / 2012 servers. In 2014 Konstantin comes to Avito, the biggest classified site of Russia, and the third largest classified site in the world (after Craigslist of USA and of China). Konstantin is leading the database development team, is in charge of the development of the architecture in the context of databases and of training and consulting for developers to work with PostgreSQL.