PGCon2017 - 20180510

PGCon 2017
The PostgreSQL Conference

Yoshifumi Masunaga

Yoshi Masunaga is a professor emeritus of Ochanomizu University, Japan. He is the founder of the Database Society of Japan (DBSJ), and is the President Emeritus of DBSJ. He is the author of several Japanese text books on relational databases and social computing.

The view updatability of relational databases has been one of his main research topics. His first research paper on this topic was appeared in 10th VLDB (1984), and an innovative approach was proposed in 11th ACM IMCOM (2017). He is currently working with Tatsuo Ishii and Yugo Nagata of SRA OSS, Inc., Japan to implement and evaluate the innovative approach using PostgreSQL.