PGCon2017 - 20180510

PGCon 2017
The PostgreSQL Conference

Alexey Lesovsky

Alexey Lesovsky is the PostgreSQL DBA consultant with long Linux background.

Alexey was Linux system administrator in the past and is PostgreSQL DBA now. He has been working in IT for eleven years, and his main experience is the Linux administration, KVM virtualization and of course PostgreSQL administration.

Last five years, his interests moved to RDBMS and particularly to PostgreSQL. Today, he works in consulting company on DBA position, works with PostgreSQL every day and sees how people use it, helps them and solves their postgres problems.

His favorite interests in PostgreSQL are activity statistics and monitoring, streaming replication, troubleshooting performance. In his spare time, as his little hobbies he programming in C and makes Ansible playbooks.


lesovsky at gmail dot com