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Travel / Accommodation

This section lets us know your arrival/depature dates so we can book your travel/accommodation.


If we are paying for your travel, please complete:

  • Arriving from - where are you flying from? Usually your home city
  • Arriving to - where are you flying to? Usually Ottawa (YOW)
  • Date of arrival - which date do you want to arrive in Ottawa?
  • Arrival time - what time of day does your flight arrive? If you have a preferred flight, speicfy the time here
  • Arrival number - if you have a preferred flight, please include the airline and flight number here
  • Need to be picked up? - Sorry, you will have to make your own way from the airport to your accomodation. We put most people up at the university residence. The travel page has details on the bus from the airport to the University of Ottawa.

The above fields are for your arrival. Please also complete the corresponding fields for your departure.

NOTE: we will try to meet your flight requests and will confirm any changes with you before booking.

The Need travel cost, Travel cost, and Fee fields can be ignored.


If we are paying for your accommodation, please ensure that the 'Need accommodation?' box is checked. If you need accommodation, but do not need travel, please enter your arrival and depature dates in the repsective fields at the top of the page.

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