PGCon2008 - Final - we hope

PGCon 2008
The PostgreSQL Conference

Josh Cooley
Hiroshi Saito
Francisco Figueiredo Jr.
Day Talks - second day (2008-05-23)
Room A
Start time 16:00
Duration 01:00
ID 66
Event type lecture
Track Applications
Language en

Introducing Npgsql

A .Net Data Provider for Postgresql

This presentation will introduce Npgsql, a .Net data provider for Postgresql written in 100% C# code. Npgsql allows programs written for .Net Runtime to access postgresql database servers. It can be run on GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS and any other platform which has a .Net runtime available.

This presentation will show what is Npgsql, history, features and code samples which demonstrate what can be done with it. Also, will be presented what is expected to be seen in future releases.