PGCon2007 - Confirmed

PGCon 2007
The PostgreSQL Conference

Finlay Thompson
Day 3
Room SITE G0103
Start time 16:30
Duration 01:00
ID 53
Event type Lecture
Track Basics
Language English

Developing New Zealand's Electoral Roll on PostgreSQL

Success Story: running New Zealand's Electoral Roll on PostgreSQL

The New Zealand Electoral Roll was migrated from Oracle to PostgreSQL in 2002 by Catalyst IT. This deployment coincided with a total rewrite of the system.

In this talk I will discuss how and why PostgreSQL was selected, how we have used PostgreSQL to support continuous development and where we would like to go in the near future.

Developing a highly secure database application with high standards data integrity and reliability is made much easier using PostgreSQL.

I will describe how we manage replicataion, code migration, regression tests and continuous integration, data backup and disaster recovery for the Electoral Roll management system.

I also want to describe why the client was ready to swap out the existing Oracle system and go to a fully open source application stack.

Finally I will discuss future development directions. These include replication, locking support and query optimisation.