Conference Schedule - PGCon 2023

PostgreSQL is nowhere near ready - 3 new directions to develop PostgreSQL

Date: 2023-06-01
Time: 11:00–11:45
Room: DMS 1160
Level: Intermediate

I introduce 3 new features in various stages of development

  1. UNION DISTINCT ON (...) - a small extension to Recursive Queries which makes flowing shortest path searches easy and fast. Inspired by some last years Advent of Code tasks.

  2. Loopback Connections - Want to connect back to your own database instance securely but without password - now you can!

  3. Fixing slow TOAST - for multiple table layouts the current TOAST storage will really slow you down , getting sequential scan speeds in tens of megabytes per second where hardware can do a few GB/s. A mitigation using pl/proxy and loopback connections is shows, as well as a new "DIRECT TOAST" format which will fix the main bottlenecks.

link to video


Hannu Krosing