Conference Schedule - PGCon 2023

Continuous aggregates: A use case of Materialized views

Date: 2023-06-01
Time: 13:00–13:45
Room: DMS 1160
Level: Intermediate

In the first part of this talk, we will explore Postgres materialized views, the basics of this feature, its intended usage, caveats, and limitations.

The remainder of this talk will analyze how TimescaleDB has one of the most talked about features: Continuous Aggregates – our approach to incremental materialized views for time series data. The discussion will start with how Continuous Aggregates help numerous users in understanding complex time-series data. Then we will deep dive into how Timescaledb has extended materialized views to the partitioned tables. The talk will keep the audience captivated by the implementation details of refresh for continuous aggregates.

We will conclude the talk with a brief discussion of pain points we encountered throughout this journey.

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Fabrízio de Royes Mello
Rafia Sabih