Conference Schedule - PGCon 2023

What Timescale's Approach to Dropping Chunks Tells Us About Concurrent DDL

Date: 2023-06-01
Time: 09:00–09:45
Room: DMS 1120
Level: Advanced

One important feature of Timescale is the ability to drop chunks (a Timescale partition) with minimal locks on the parent table, and without a lot of waiting. We are able to do this specifically because we don't store the partitioning information in the PostgreSQL catalogs.

This talk discusses:

  • How does Timescale's partition management actually work?
  • How does this differ from PostgreSQL's declarative partitioning?
  • Some thoughts and ideas for what could implemented to improve concurent DDL in PostgreSQL itself

While this talk does discuss a particular vendor's product, the main focus is on opportunities for improving an important set of capabilities in PostgreSQL itself.

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Christopher Travers