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Photo of Regina Obe

Regina Obe

Company: Paragon Corporation
Twitter: @reginaobe

Regina Obe is a co-founder of Paragon Corporation, a Boston-based PostgreSQL/PostGIS consulting company. She is a member of the PostGIS, GEOS, and pgRouting project steering committees as well as a development team member of several geospatial Projects (pgRouting and on Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) System Administration team),
She is the maintainer of the PostGIS application stackbuilder Windows Bundle.
She has also co-authored several books on PostGIS, pgRouting, and PostgreSQL with her husband, Leo Hsu. They recently "PostGIS In Action 3rd Edition" (from Manning Publications), and are currently working on "SQL in a Nutshell, 4th Edition" (from O'Reilly Media) due out in June 2022.