Conference Schedule - PGCon 2022

Simplifying the TPC Benchmark C, an OLTP Workload

Date: 2022-05-26
Time: 14:00–14:45
Room: Stream 2
Level: Intermediate

Several fair use open source kits exist that emulate the venerable TPC Benchmark(TM) C (TPC-C). Running a full scale specification compliant TPC benchmark is not a trivial task but it is possible to simplify how the benchmark is executed. Yet it is still not necessarily straightforward how these kits should be used to get the most meaningful results from them.

The way this benchmark is meant to be run is not necessarily workstation or budget friendly. A properly executed large scale TPC-C benchmark can require a significant amount of hardware resources to emulate 100,000, 50 millions, or 500 million users.

As we are people working on improving PostgreSQL and evaluating its capabilities, we all would like something easier to run and less expensive to use.

We can cut down the demands for resources by driving the workload differently, but driving the workload differently creates a different system usage profile. In order to run a meaningful test we need to understand how this changes the characteristics of the system behavior.

Learn what it means to eliminate keying and thinking time, touching only specific parts of the database, and other ways to use this workload.


Mark Wong