Conference Schedule - PGCon 2020

Julien Rouhaud

Company: VMware
Twitter: @rjuju123

Julien is working with PostgreSQL since 2008, back to version 8.3, and never wanted to use another system since then. He's involved in the community at various levels. He's helping the french community participating in conference organization, helping users on the french forum and translating the documentation for many years. He's also involved in many open source projects such as PoWA (real-time tuning and advisory tool), author of HypoPG (hypothetical indexes for PostgreSQL), and contributing to the PostgreSQL project itself. He worked for many years as a PostgreSQL consultant, helping on various aspects (performance, training...) and is now working at VMware, still working on PostgreSQL related duties. He was the treasurer of the PostgreSQL French Association for many years and is now the vice-treasurer of the PostgreSQL Europe association.