Conference Schedule - PGCon 2020

JSON[b] Roadmap

Date: 2020-05-28
Time: 12:00 - 12:45
Room: Stream 1
Level: Intermediate

JSONB in PostgreSQL is one of the main attractive feature for modern application developers, no matter what some RDBMS purists are thinking. PG12 and upcoming PG13 complete the implementation of SQL/JSON standard, which is a great feature itself, but now it is time to think about improving the implementation in both directions - functionality and performance. For example, PostgreSQL recognized for its extensibility and it is natural to add support of user's data types and operators to JSONPATH, make use of JSONPATH to index json data, optimize access to specific key:value pairs for large json, and so on. Another important topic I want to discuss - is the single JSON data type. Historically, we have two JSON data types - textual and binary (better), the latter, called JSONB, is actually the most usable and popular data type. Now, looking forward to expected specification of JSON data type in future SQL standard, we have to decide how to make JSON data type to be generic and cover the old JSON, JSONB data types.



The following slides have been made available for this session:


Oleg Bartunov