PGCon2019 - 1.0.8

PGCon 2019
The PostgreSQL Conference

Jamey Hanson
Day Tutorials - Day 1: Tuesday - 2019-05-28
Room DMS 1150
Start time 13:00
Duration 03:00
ID 1351
Event type Workshop
Track Tutorial
Language used for presentation English

Rank and Highlight Your Results

Use Full Text Search with Natural Language Queries to get Ranked & Highlighted Results

In this session we will demonstrate and explain how Full Text Search uses tsvector, tsquery, operators and indexes to enable natural language document searches plus return ranked results with highlighted search terms.

We will work through the steps and syntax of using PostgreSQL Full Text Search to load & index documents, perform natural language queries and display ranked document results with highlighted search terms. Details on setting up server-side options such as stop-word and synonym files are also included.