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PGCon 2019
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Chris Travers

Chris Travers has been working with PostgreSQL for 20 years, with a majority of that time involving advanced features of the relational database. He has written software against PostgreSQL in a variety of languages, and PostgreSQL extensions in C, Pl/Pgsql, Pl/Perl, and more.

Chris Travers has been around PostgreSQL since 1999 when he first started writing software against relational databases. Since 2007 he has dived more deeply into advanced features of PostgreSQL while working on an accounting software project. He has contributed a few proposed patches to PostgreSQL with at least one being accepted.

Additionally he has written a number of extensions to PostgreSQL in C, PL/Perl, PL/PGSQL and even plain SQL. These include:

  1. pgmessagequeue, a lightweight simple extension designed to answer the question of "how do I send an email from the database backend safely"
  2. geoip2lookup, a plperl extension for looking up data in MMDB files provided by MaxMind (currently being rewritten in C).
  3. A global transaction coordinator for a private extension which copies data between servers, written in C

Today he also manages the database team at Adjust GmbH.


chris dot travers at gmail dot com