PGCon2019 - 3.4

PGCon 2019
The PostgreSQL Conference

Alexander Korotkov
Oleg Bartunov
Day Talks - Day 2 - 2019-05-31
Room DMS 1160
Start time 10:00
Duration 00:45
ID 1274
Event type Lecture
Track New Features
Language used for presentation English

Viva, the NoSQL Postgres !

Jsonpath - a query language for json

PostgreSQL is the first relational database which recognized the need of non-atomic data types to support developers of applications from science to Web. Jsonb in Postgres is the attractive feature for modern application developers, who want to work with json documents without sacrificing a strong consistency and ability to use all the power of proven relational technology.

Finally, SQL world has recognized the NoSQL and released the new SQL-2016 standard, which includes specification of SQL/JSON data model and path language, as well as SQL commands for storing, publishing and querying JSON data. We will present the implementation of jsonpath, the path language for querying json in PostgreSQL and discuss possible extensions, such as new indexing mode for non-atomic data, which allows to index only specified parts, for example, those parts of jsonb which matches given jsonpath[s] to opclass.