PGCon2016 - 20180510

PGCon 2016
The PostgreSQL Conference

James Miller
Samantha Billington
Day Talks - Day 1 - 2016-05-19
Room DMS 1110
Start time 14:00
Duration 00:45
ID 967
Event type Lecture
Track DBA
Language used for presentation English

9.4 The Hard Way

Version upgrades with pg_upgrade and rsync using hard links

Experiences in upgrading entire postgres clusters including master, slaves, and cascade slaves targeting minimal downtime using pg_upgrade (with hard links) and rsync.

Upgrades in postgres are a challenging thing - there are several options, all with various things to consider. This presentation explains the procedure of using pg_upgrade with hard links between the old and new data directories to upgrade the master, and rsync to upgrade the slaves with minimal downtime. This method requires no additional hardware and no external replication strategies. After the what went wrong and the what went right, we will walk through a live upgrade step by step.