PGCon2015 - final

PGCon 2015
The PostgreSQL Conference

Jose Luis Tallon

Systems Architect and sysadmin based in Madrid, Spain. Mostly involved with distributed systems and storage, and keen on HPC.

Open Source supporter and former Debian package maintainer.

Sysadmin and postmaster professionally since 2000, has been administering systems, storage, networks, databases and e-mail systems ever since.

When about to graduate from his Double Degree (MSc.Eng. Computer Science, UPM-Madrid & MSc.Eng. Information Technology, KTH-Stockholm), he won the CFP for the Ilion Animation Studios launch for the team he was working with; He then went on to found his own company to tackle the challenge. Several dozen projects and four companies later, he's now taking on database system scalability and performance optimizations. Always eager to learn and engage in new endeavors, enjoys the low-level/close to the hardware side of problems best.

Currently serving as CTO of KiLOBE Systems, a company specializing in Engineered Systems for information processing and BI/Analytics.