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PGCon 2015
The PostgreSQL Conference

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is a senior software engineer at UNAVCO, a non-profit university-governed consortium that facilitates geoscience research. He is a technical lead to a group of developers. He works on software development, software maintenance, and database administration.

Jeremy Smith has had a lifelong interest in scientific data management and the geosciences. In the past he: -modeled lightning formation, -installed air quality monitoring instruments on mountain summits, and -collected magnetotelluric data in South America.
He co-authored several peer-reviewed manuscripts and conference presentations on these topics.

At UNAVCO Jeremy oversees the flow of data from thousands of remote geophysical instruments. Scientists use the data generated by these instruments to study important questions about earth crust movement, earthquake cycles, and groundwater storage.

Jeremy uses postgres to back the UNAVCO website and dataflow software. Postgres plays a pivotol role in an organization that requires open and integral data, and works with scientists who need assurance that their data will not be lost.


jsmith at unavco dot org