PGCon2015 - final

PGCon 2015
The PostgreSQL Conference

Kumar Rajeev Rastogi

Kumar Rajeev Rastogi is a Senior Technical Leader in Huawei and has been working with PostgreSQL since 2009. He is also working to contribute patches to PostgreSQL, recent one being the "index scan optimization" and has been mentioned many times in the release notes. His current work is on Code specialization technology.

Kumar Rajeev Rastogi first encountered PostgreSQL in 2009, when tasked with integrating our in house "In Memory Storage" with PostgreSQL. From there on worked on many in house project like adding REDO based replication etc. Contributed more 7 than patches to community, recent one being the "Index Scan optimization", which improved performance by up to 35%. Currently working on to apply Code specialization technology on PostgreSQL to gain huge performance improvement.He has extensively worked in large code systems and has the ability to grasp the big systems in short time and work in it.


rajeevrastogi03 at gmail dot com