PGCon2013 - Final Release

PGCon 2013
The PostgreSQL Conference

Stephen Frost
Day Talks - Day 1 - 2013-05-23
Room MRT 221
Start time 13:30
Duration 01:00
ID 545
Track Hacking
Language used for presentation English

Hacking on PostgreSQL

Add your feature to PG!

We'll cover how to write your first patch to PG, submit it for review, and profit!

Ever wished PostgreSQL had a particular capability or feature? Know a bit of C? This talk will walk you through writing a patch for PG, what needs to be modified to add an option to an existing command (grammar, execution, etc) and the major components of PG (parser, commands, memory management, etc). We'll also cover the PG style guidelines, a crash-course on using git, how to submit your patch, and the review process.