PGCon2013 - Final Release

PGCon 2013
The PostgreSQL Conference

Emanuel Calvo

Emanuel has being working with Postgres for more than 5 years. He is originally from Argentina and has also lived and worked in Spain and other Latin American countries. He has been promoting Postgres in the Argentinian community and in Spain as Press Contact. He also lectures and presents at universities and local events.

Emanuel currently works as Operational Database Administrator at PalominoDB, focusing primarily on Postgres and MySQL. His professional background includes experience at telecommunication companies, educational institutions, and data warehousing solutions. In his career, he has worked as a developer, Sysadmin and DBA in companies like Siemens IT Solutions, Correo Argentino (Argentinian Postal Services), Globant-EA, SIU - Government Educational Institution and Aedgency among others. As a community member, he has lectured and given talks in Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Belgium as well as also written several technical papers.