PGCon2013 - Final Release

PGCon 2013
The PostgreSQL Conference

Jan Urbański

Jan UrbaƄski is a PostgreSQL enthusiast and hacker.

His main areas of interest are PL/Python and the query optimiser.

Jan has been involved in writing some of the new features of the PL/PythonU procedural language, contributes to the psycopg2 driver and maintains an asynchronous Postgres driver for Twisted called txpostgres.

Before that, he worked on alternative approaches to the genetic query optimiser (GEQO) for his Master's Thesis and text search selectivity estimation during Google Summer of Code. He's also gotten some code into GStreamer, an open source multimedia framework.

At Ducksboard, the company he co-founded, he's the guy that gets a call at 2 AM when something happens with one of the PostgreSQL instances and takes care of libsaas, an open source Python library for working with SaaS.