PGCon2013 - Final Release

PGCon 2013
The PostgreSQL Conference

Susanne Ebrecht

Crazy German girl - first female PostgreSQL developer - lots of hobbies and interests - the list of what she already did would fill a whole book.

Susanne studied building physics and psychology in last century. After the Fall of the Wall she worked in building industry as project leader. Up to 100 engineers, technicians and handcrafter were part of her team. Her husband was hit by an accident and died in 1999. Susanne rebooted her life. She went back to University and studied computer sciences with topic media as add on and law as side studies. Already her diploma thesis topic was database related. She was the first woman who got a patch committed into PostgreSQL. She first worked as DBA and after that as PostgreSQL trainer and consultant. She did a lot for the PostgreSQL project in Germany. The University of Bremen wanted her to teach database basics at the Informatica Feminale (women only studies). In 2007 she was hired from MySQL. Here she first worked as developer and later as supporter. After Oracle bought Sun she left the company and went back to her roots. Today she is working for 2ndQuadrant Germany (professional PostgreSQL) as Senior Consultant and Trainer. She is fighting for people with debilities of sight and helps high intelligent persons, geeks and nerds to find their way in the normal world.