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PGCon 2012
The PostgreSQL Conference

Álvaro Herrera

Álvaro Herrera is a PostgreSQL contributor and committer.

Álvaro has been involved with PostgreSQL since 2001, after he saw this wording in a commit message: "Wish they were all this easy". What better way to poke an inexperienced hacker-wannabe's curiosity? This dragged into months-long projects to get the CLUSTER command working as $DEITY intended, and a not-always-successful years-long PostgreSQL hacker career.

Since then, he's been involved in many other projects in the PostgreSQL codebase, small and large, and has caused Tom Lane to waste much time chasing his bugs, and Bruce Momjian calming Tom down. In retribution, he digs out bug reports from the spanish mailing list that occasionally turn out to be useful.

Although not a DBA proper, he can be usually seen repairing other people's databases lost to filesystem data-loss bugs, ill-conceived xlog removal scripts, and the ever-present pilot error.


alvherre at alvh dot no-ip dot org