PGCon2012 - Final Release

PGCon 2012
The PostgreSQL Conference

Jan Urbański

Jan UrbaƄski is a PostgreSQL enthusiast and hacker.

He's been involved in writing some of the new features of the PL/PythonU procedural language, contributes to the psycopg2 driver and maintains an asynchronous Python driver for Twisted called txpostgres.

Previously, Jan worked on alternative approaches to the genetic query optimiser (GEQO) and text search selectivity estimation in the planner. He dabbled in multimedia and distributed systems during his time as the leader of the Flumotion Streaming Server core team. He's also responsible for Twisted integration in the pika Python driver for RabbitMQ.

At Ducksboard, the company he co-founded, he's the main guy for all things PostgreSQL and uses Python for all kinds of tasks ranging from mundane to outright crazy.


wulczer at wulczer dot org