PGCon2012 - Final Release

PGCon 2012
The PostgreSQL Conference

David E. Wheeler

David Wheeler is an associate at PGExperts, and is responsible for PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extension Network) and pgTAP. He's into testing and extension distribution.

David E. Wheeler is:

  • Co-Founder and Associate at PGExperts, provider of PostgreSQL database and application development services.
  • Creator and maintainer of PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extension Network.
  • Creator and maintainer of pgTAP, a unit-testing framework for PostgreSQL.
  • Creator and maintainer of numerous PGXN distributions.
  • Co-Founder of Lunar/Theory, purveyors of fine iOS apps.
  • The maintainer for Bricolage, an open-source content management and publishing system that runs on Apache/mod_perl and PostgreSQL.
  • Founder and President of Kineticode, provider of Bricolage consulting and support services. Former CTO of Values of n, creators of Stikkit and I Want Sandy, Ruby on Rails applications that ran on MySQL and PostgreSQL, respectively.
  • A technology blogger.
  • Creator and maintainer of numerous CPAN modules.
  • Contribuor of the CITEXT data type.
  • A photographer, tennis player, wine and food lover, father.


david dot wheeler at pgexperts dot com