PGCon2012 - Final Release

PGCon 2012
The PostgreSQL Conference

Jan Wieck
Day Talks - 1 - Thursday - 2012-05-17
Room MRT 218
Start time 11:00
Duration 01:00
ID 441
Event type Lecture
Track Scaling Out
Language used for presentation English

"Cheap, Fast AND Good" .... CHECK

A checklist for database replication shoppers.

PostgreSQL's built in replication is available for a while now, yet all the previous solutions enjoy ongoing popularity. For the experts, this is hardly surprising. A) because none of the solutions was ever meant to replace anything else. B) because replication is one single term for several different attempts of solving a subset of many different problems. For IT decision makers this can be rather confusing.

Like with so many things, when looking for the right replication solution, people often don't know what they are really looking for. They look over the feature lists of products and try to determine from that which product best fits their needs. But unless they actually know what they need, how is the feature list going to help them?

It works the other way around. We need to look at all the problems, that can be solved with database replication in general, and identify which are or may become relevant in the case at hand. Then find the solution, that solves most of them by priority. Only if we have a prioritized list of problems to solve, the feature list of products starts making sense.

This talk discusses high level features of database replication systems and presents them in the form of use cases. These usage patterns are what will drive your decision when you look for the right replication solution to your problem(s).