PGCon2012 - Final Release

PGCon 2012
The PostgreSQL Conference

Jeff Hamann
Joe Conway
Day Talks - 1 - Thursday - 2012-05-17
Room MRT 219
Start time 14:30
Duration 01:00
ID 437
Event type Lecture
Track Applications
Language used for presentation English

PL/R Tricks

Server Monitoring with Predictive Analytics

We will present the results of an investigation into the use of PostgreSQL and PL/R in conjunction with a server monitoring application to perform predictive analytics of server performance.

Usually server monitoring is reactive in nature. Some threshold is exceeded, and an alert is sent. By the time you receive the alert, something bad has already happened. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to foresee trouble before it rears its ugly head?

We will investigate the feasibility of applying both well established relatively simple, and more advanced forms of dynamic statistical analysis to server monitoring to allow more proactive server management. The tools used will be PostgreSQL, R, and PL/R.