PGCon2011 - Add 4 Video (2015.09.18)

PGCon 2011
The PostgreSQL Conference

Yotaro Nakayama
Day Talks - 1 - 2011-05-19
Room DMS 1140
Start time 13:30
Duration 01:00
ID 353
Event type Lecture
Track Advanced Features
Language used for presentation English

Real Federation Database System leveraging PostgreSQL FDW

Federation Database System solves transparent access to heterogeneous DBMS to realize Optimized Database schema design according to optimized business process. Our database team develops Real Federation Database System leveraging PostgreSQL FDW. This federation system enhances the current optimization of Foreign Scan and adds Foreign Data Wrapper for another RDBMS such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

We implement Federation Database System using PostgreSQL FDW and realize following things: - Access heterogeneous external data source as local data - Location, Vendor and Platform Transparency - Without change of existing system change - Real-time Data Reference and Data Update These features give us various advantages as follows: - Optimization of Business Process across multiple business systems - Integrated Database access - Avoidance of redundant data management My presentation explains the development technique for Federation Database System based on PostgreSQL FDW. It includes the optimization technique for heterogeneous distributed database access and integration technique of Foreign Data Wrapper to heterogeneous RDBMS (e.g. Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server) and so on. And also we would like to discuss the requirements for new Federation Database System for this cloud era.