PGCon2011 - Add 4 Video (2015.09.18)

PGCon 2011
The PostgreSQL Conference

Dimitri Fontaine

Dimitri Fontaine is part of the PostgreSQL community and has been contributing to Open Source for more than 10 years now. His recent work include adding explicit EXTENSION support to PostgreSQL and the pg_basebackup utility.

Dimitri is the lead developer of enterprise ready solutions such as pgloader (ETL), PostgreSQL prefix indexing (telephony routing), pg_staging (dev environment maintenance from production backups), preprepare (allow easy usage of prepare statements behind a connection pooler), and some backports of recent PostgreSQL features (such as the UUID type or the suppress-redundant-update trigger).

He also contributed to Skytools and the Londiste replication system (both code and documentation), and authored a PHP layer for the PGQ event handler, allowing for robust asynchronous processing and code reuse.

Dimitri likes system design, finding the right compromise using existing solutions when they do exist, with reducing Mean Time Between Failures as a stated goal.

Professional experience, community involvement and PostgreSQL expertise have led Dimitri to now work as a principal consultant at 2ndQuadrant, France.