PGCon2010 - Final Release III

PGCon 2010
The PostgreSQL Conference

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA

Now a data architech, had a formation in business administration but finished it only to work with computers, lured by the siren song of workflow systems. Started as a banking system analyst in mainframes, maintaining COBOL programs, creating sequential file routines and analysing papers inter-bank exchange.

Got interested in databases because of DB2 in the mainframe, but specially because of the /According to Date/ columns in the long-gone and missed Database Programming and Design magazine. Went on to become a MS Windows systems administrator, but saw the light with Solaris Unix, GNU/Linux and Oracle. Lacking a real hacker’s formation, yet got involved in the Brazilian PostgreSQL community while searching for a free software alternative to the SQL DBMSs of the nineties.

Data architect at Avon, has already wore many hats: commercial assistant at a printer distributor, banking mainframe systems analyst, systems administrator, DBA and, now, data architect.

Started as a hobbyist in Computing, learned a few basics in programming and then started a long road of self-study, mainly in systems and database administration, with an emphasis on fundamental concepts.

Active member in the Brazilian PostgreSQL community, having taken part in all three Brazilian PostgreSQL Conferences up to now, from 2007 to 2009. Also participating on other Brazilian free software events to present talks on PostgreSQL since 2006: III Forum PSL-ABCD, Conisli, PgDay SP 2009, FISL 10.

Participated in the Brazilian Debian community, the Sword project of the Crosswire Bible Society. Now a dormant GNU Project website translation coordinator for Free Software Foundation, after several years of secondary work there. Several years participation in the English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Galician Wikipedias.

Other interest include History, Philosophy and specifically the History of Ideas, text layout and typography with Donald Knuth's TeX, photography and calligraphy.


leandro dot gfc dot dutra at gmail dot com