PGCon2010 - Final Release III

PGCon 2010
The PostgreSQL Conference

Koichi Suzuki
Mason Sharp
Day Talks - 2 - 2010-05-21
Room DMS 1150
Start time 16:30
Duration 01:00
ID 226
Event type Lecture
Track Scaling Out
Language used for presentation English

Postgres-XC, Write-scalable, synchronous multi-master PostgreSQL cluster with shared nothing approach

We will present a new PostgreSQL cluster called Postgres-XC (Extensible Cluster) developed by NTT and EnterpriseDB. Postgres-XC's performance is write-scalable. It also provides synchronous multi-master capability. Updates through one master are visible from any other masters immediately after the commit.

At present, Postgres-XC is focusing on the transactional use case of the cluster. With a DBT-1-based benchmark, Postgres-XC has achieved a 3.4 scalability for five servers and 6.4 scalability for ten servers. We will explain the main features of Postgres-XC, key algorithms and implementation, as well as the latest performance achievement. Postgres-XC is going to be an open source project. Further technical issues and the future plan will also be presented.