PGCon2008 - Final - we hope

PGCon 2008
The PostgreSQL Conference

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew has been using PostgreSQL since 1999. He is best known in the community for his work with Afilias, from 2001-2008, where he used PostgreSQL to support Internet domains like .info and .org. While at Afilias, he supervised the development and release of the Slony-I replication system. He is active in the IETF, a member of the ICANN Registry Services Techincal Evaluation Panel, and was on the policy council for ISC's Operations, Analysis, and Research Center for the Internet. In 2008, Andrew joined Command Prompt, Inc. He lives in Toronto with his frighteningly energetic dog Stella and his much calmer wife Jill.

If you meet Andrew at PGCon, be warned: he is likely to drone on about cheese. And dogs. And how he has to update his biography at the behest of conference organizers because, apparently, it's "too short". Oh, and also possibly the history of the Toronto Transit Commission. Yes, one of those geeks.

Andrew likes to cook. He's a vegetarian, and he's not thin.

One of his proudest achievements is building the database group at Afilias. He thinks it's a great thing, hiring people who are smarter than him and then getting out of their way.


ajs at commandprompt dot com