PGCon2008 - Final - we hope

PGCon 2008
The PostgreSQL Conference

Magnus Hagander
Day Talks - first day (2008-05-22)
Room A
Start time 16:30
Duration 01:00
ID 75
Event type lecture
Track Advanced Features
Language en

Using full text search for websites and mailing lists uses PostgreSQL Full Text Indexing to search mailinglists and websites. This talk will outline how it was built and deployed.

This talk will discuss how uses the PostgreSQL Full Text Indexing, first tsearch2 in 8.2 and now the native Full Text Indexing in 8.3, to deliver searches of web and list archives with much better performance and capability than the previous generic web indexing tools used. It will discuss how the system is built, how context sensitive indexing helps a lot in keeping performance and results good, as well as how the full text searching feature in PostgreSQL was set up.