PGCon2008 - Final - we hope

PGCon 2008
The PostgreSQL Conference

Peter Eisentraut
Day Talks - second day (2008-05-23)
Room G
Start time 13:30
Duration 01:00
ID 64
Event type lecture
Track Community
Language en

PostgreSQL Project and Release Management

What Makes the Project Work

Core team member Peter Eisentraut gives a partially behind-the-scenes look at the processes that make the PostgreSQL project work.

The PostgreSQL project is founded on the principles of open source and an open community. Nevertheless, there are many processes in the routine of the project that are not obvious to all of the public: How are releases managed? How are release notes and press releases prepared? How are downstream packagers involved? How are bugs tracked? Who has commit access? Who manages the project's servers? How are security issues handled? What does the core team do? What is SPI and how are PostgreSQL's funds managed?

I have worked with, tracked, and managed many of these issues over the years and would like to give the wider community an overview of what is happening in the project and perhaps point out new ways in which people can get involved.